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Through careful analysis of an existing space and its innate style and personality, we work to incorporate finishing layers of texture, tone and shape in a way that brings additional dimension, interest and a sense of completion and authenticity. It is our ultimate hope to bring fullness and energy into the environments that we enter by incorporating elements that are beautiful and thoughtful and honor the true intention and integrity of the space itself.



We believe in the importance of each detail. We are available to help seek and source accessories and details as needed.



An initial design consultation provides you with a fantastic starting point to begin honing in on how your space can function, look and feel. Prior to our meeting, you will receive a design questionnaire that will not only help me understand you, your style and your desires better, but will also provide me with important information to maximize the value of our time spent together. Within that session, you can expect us to cover topics like paint color suggestions, furniture placement and kinds of furniture to purchase, general suggestions for lighting, wall treatments and ideas for DIY projects, if you are so inclined.

Design consultations begin at one hour, with a flat fee of $200. Each additional hour is $100.

If you would like to arrange an in-home design consultation, please contact me to further discuss your project.



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Personally partner on a social media campaign through content creation to be shared on my Instagram handle, @bettygeee.

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